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My CASE Philosophy

Definitions for CASE

  1. CASE:  Copy and Share Everything

  2. CASE:  Copy and Selectively Edit

  3. CASE:  Copy and Slightly Edit

  4. CASE:  The best way to learn and grow as a crafter; a great way to kickstart one's creative mojo & energy flow

What's Mine is Yours

Whatever definition of CASE comes to mind for you, it may not match my definition.  Please CASE my projects as you see fit, whether it be a one-for-one match or slightly modified.  Truly, my crafty friends, what is mine is yours:  take it, create it, own it, share is now yours too!  Asking my permission and/or citing me as your inspiration or the crafter you CASEd is courteous, but absolutely not necessary -- I'm not out there hunting down people who I think CASEd my project(s) without giving me credit.  Personally, this doesn't bother me for one key reason:  when I lost my creative mojo for several years, coming back to my craft room and supplies was daunting, even freightening, and the only way I was able to develop new crafting skills was to find inspiration and CASE.  During my reinroduction to crafting, that meant I had to copy a project detail for detail.  I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to come up with designs all on my own -- heck, I still go through those emotions still -- but after CASEing and getting into a rhythm, my creative energy began to flow again.  It was only after CASEing that I got new ideas and started designing projects for myself.  But guess what?  There are hundreds of times I find a project I'm so in love with that I still create a one-for-one identical project.

So, CASE away my crafty friends...  CASE AWAY!!! 


Happy Crafting!


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